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Wonder Me! provides all books necessary for implementing CISCE new curriculum two part books mean lighter bags.Costs are comparable to other books.


Training is more than empowerment in the new curriculum.


These provides explanations and class relevant syllabus.


Syllabus is fully mapped to the new curriculum. It is clear and transparent and divided logically into weekly units that serve as natural planners to make implementation easier.

Edison Education Events

Wonder Me! Using the Process of Perfection

10th October 2017 9:00am - 7:00pm Lucknow India

This webinar will go into how to make learning effective, time efficient and empowering for every child using the Process of Perfection (POP). Our expert trainer James Pearce will go through the four steps of POP, why and how each one of the steps is a value-added proposition. POP helps in transacting learning for understanding, consolidation and application.

Ed Leadership Conferences

5th October 2017 1:00am - 9:00pm CMS World Unity Convention Center, Lucknow India

Ed Leadership International Roundtables create conversations that lead to change. It serves as a catalyst for change at the same time as provides an umbrella for the sharing of research and good work in education everywhere. Education is the most complex issue of our times and it requires great deliberation. It is a multi-year effort involving all concerned about the future of education and thereby our collective future. We invite you to join hands in any capacity and become a part of this great mission. The first Ed Leadership International Roundtable took place in January 2008. Since then, eight conferences have taken place till date. All meals are included. All participants also get a participation certificate. On the last day, Innovation-in-Process Fellowships and International Education Innovator Awards are given.

The Big Picture Conclaves

25th September 2015 8:00am - 5:00pm WUCC, Lucknow, India

The Big Picture Leadership Training Conclaves and Workshops focus on Creating High Performance Education Systems. They create a platform for global conversations that lead to meaningful and effective change in education.

We want to learn how the top performing countries of the world run their education systems. Finland has consistently been one of the most performing countries of the world with their 15 year olds surpassing 15 year olds from rest of the world, being 3 to 7 years ahead in their academics compared to many other countries.

What innovations make these nations academically the strongest countries in the world with very few drop outs and majority of their children excelling? Can their experience be translated into action within the Indian context? How? The participants can go back feeling empowered with both a new vision and practical steps necessary for the implementation of changes so urgently needed in education today.

Making Morals Real: Use of Roleplays

1st October 2015 9:00am - 11:00pm Lucknow, India

Making Morals Real: Moral education is best imparted through role-plays in which the children feel in the other person’s shoes and weigh the consequences of their actions. A number of techniques are used to get the children to participate jointly as a class, to write their own script and plays, and to present these in the morning assembly on a rotational basis. A number of role plays are provided.

This event will allow participants to:
  • Watch students doing roleplays
  • Create role plays
  • Discuss how to integrate and mainstream them in the teaching of English and other subjects Ask for a teacher workshop at your school.
  • Edison Education also supports providing quality training for teachers and staff using blended technology.

Learning Network Webinars for English Teachers

25th August 2015 8:00am - 7:00pm Paris, Rue Femile 82

The Webinar for English Teachers will cover how to effectively teach speaking in English. It uses Spoken English series as a starting point to discuss many modalities to promote better speaking skills using story telling, conversations, telephone conversations, vocabulary modules, expression in English, onomatopoeia, show & tell, Just-a-Minute, reading comprehension, poetry recitation, picture composition, tongue twisters, proverbs, idiomatic expression, public speaking, debates, group discussion, and more.

The webinar will also cover use of assessment rubrics for each goal and how these can further clarify standards for each.

The webinar is intended for teachers of English for grades 1 through 11 Want some fresh new ideas? Come to a NAfME conference this year! Our Spoken English series from Lower KG to Class XII is a fantastic resource for any teacher of English. These not only improve speaking and listening skills in English but also enhance vocabulary, the power of expression and personality. In addition, our English Language resources will strength grammar like never before.

Auburn supports providing quality training for its teachers and staff surrounding the use of available technology within the district.