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Broad Skills and Processes promoted by Edison EVS Curriculum include

Class Presentation, Group & Individual Work

1 Role-plays improve confidence in spoken English, body language, personality and confidence.

2 Children pose their own questions besides those given.

3 Control of error is provided to make the curriculum childcentric.

4 Creativity of both the students and the teachers grow.

5 Group work accelerates learning in a dynamic context.

6 Class presentation includes Show & Tell, Just-a-Minute,Story-telling, etc.


Every class turns into a laboratory with the use of inexpensive hands-on materials that can be stored almost anywhere: and shared by several classes.

Children lead the distribution and collection of materials back into the buckets and return them.

Children learn valuable life-skills such as leadership skills.

Innovative ‘worktexts’ are self-explanatory and make the job of a teacher easier.

Children quickly learn peer-learning skills that allow them to check each others’work.

Peer learning saves teacher time and provides instant feedback teacher can then fix any remaining areas of difficulty.Parents can also do these simple activities at home.