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is comprehensive education of the four building blocks that address the inner and outer powers of body, mind, heart and spirit

Four Building Blocks of Global Education

  A vision-led education that measures success with evidence

Textbooks focus on understanding

Hands-on & kinesthetic activities lead to better understanding.

Every child participates in the hands-on and kinesthetic activities.

Loading... Assesments personalised learning

Personalised reports are self-diagnostic and lead to better performance.

Reports help parents better able to support growth of their children.

Students learn critical self-evaluation skills.

Instant feedback and corrective action leads to greater improve.

  Action research and evidence creation is built in within the processes of education by Global Classroom.

Teacher Process focus on process

A four step process of perfection accelerates learning.

Learning goes from concrete to abstract and from simple to complex.

Training empowerment that ‘sticks’

Training motivates and inspires.

Observation and support lead to greater ‘stickiness’ of training.

School support Standards, transparency, accountability

Academic expectation are transparent to all.

Accountability is ensured through collection of both qualitative and quantitative data.