Personalised learning

Reports help parents better able to support growth of their children.

Instant feedback and corrective action leads to greater improvement


Focus on understanding

Hands-on & kinesthetic activities lead to better understanding.

Every child participates in the hands-on and kinesthetic activities.


Empowerment that ‘sticks’

Training that motivates & inspires.

Focus on process

Learning goes from concrete to abstract and from simple to complex.


Nation-wide litrecy program for the underprivileged

SNS-Sampoorna Nayi Siksha Improving the quality of education in government & budget schools

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An Ipsative Education

About Edison Education

Edison Education is built on two decades of research in education in the real laboratory of classrooms in several countries. It is child-centric education that is thematic, holistic, integrated and evidence based.

Educator, Researcher, Innovator, Author
PhD, Cambridge University, UK
Creator, WONDER ME!
Founder, Edison Education

This process of implementing thematic units includes warm up, kinesthetic and visual activities focused on understanding.

Dr.Sunita Gandhi-A VISIONARY!

Dr. Sunita Gandhi Speaks

Interview – Dr.Sunita Gandhi

Should India Replicate Finnish Education System? Ever wondered how so many Indian-Americans excel in spelling bee contests? In the last 10 years, the winning rate of Indian-origin students is 80 %. Indian students’ success at spelling bee contests is due to their innate drive for hard work and more importantly their adeptness at rote learning

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From ‘Hunches’ to ‘Evidence’

COMPARED TO SELF – Can Ipsative be the new ethics of education? For years this question has absorbed me: Is it possible to maximize every child’s potential in a class regardless of class size, or is this an oxymoron? Does the ethics of compete with others maximize every child’s potential, or could there be an

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